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Meedio 1.38 Released w/ Updated Music Player

While I am still putting together a more detailed overview of Meedio's lossless audio features Meedio released version 1.38. With this upgrade comes a very welcome update for the BASS sound engine. Bass Sound Engine 2.2 includes native support for AC3, FLAC, ALAC, APE, MPC, WV and SPX! Meedio previously supported Flac, WavPack and Ape with plug-ins but now it is native. (Thx Bora Bora)
Another feature added in this release is support for ASIO in the Bass Music Player. For those of you who don't know what ASIO is....... ASIO (Audio Stream Input/Output) and KS (Kernal Streaming) allow you to bypass the Windows Kmixer and work directly with the soundcard. The reason why you want to bypass Kmixer is because it resamples audio which degrades the sound quality. To benefit from ASIO you need a soundcard that supports ASIO and there are many to choose from.

*Following this post will be a 2 part article on how to achieve bit perfect output.

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