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MS300 Music Server

McIntosh Laboratory, Inc. makers of high-end AV components has released the MS300 Music Server. The MS300 is a 300GB music server with wide range of features that allow for computer like control in an AV component. Control can be managed via the included wireless keyboard, remote control or the web-based interface anywhere on your network. The built-in CDRW allows for encoding to both FLAC and MP3 and there is also a connection for external changers enabling you to connect your 400 disk CD changer and rip until the sun comes up. Another interesting feature is the ability to stream audio files across your network using the built-in Ethernet port or a wireless connection. To connect the MS300 to a wireless network a Ethernet to Wireless Bridge must be used. McIntosh laboratory has also stated that an upgrade available sometime in late 2006 will enable users to connect 2 MS300's in a Peer-to-Peer network. While the MS300 is not cheap it certainly has a lot of features for a single component.

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