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Pocket PC Player w/ Flac Support

iPlay is a client audio player and recorder for the Pocket PC that has both client and server applications available. There is also a Smartphone version currently in development that should be available soon. iPlay has a wide variety of features and capabilites for a Pocket PC player but why we are so interested in it is because of its ability to play some lossless audio files as well as its support for true gapless playback.

Some of the More Interesting Features:

  • Plays Mp4 files from ITunes store.
  • FLAC cover art support.
  • QVGA and VGA Display Modes.
  • True Gapless playback for FLAC, WAV and Ogg.
  • Decoders for MP3, MP4/M4A, AAC, Ogg, WAV and FLAC.
  • Wifi and Bluetooth Streaming using Server Application.
  • ID3, Meta-data, Itunes tag display and embedded album art.

*Smartphone Users: iPlay is not currently supported for use with Smartphones but there is an alternative until development is completed.

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