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The Lossless Audio Blog (The L.A.B): Rockbox Coming to the iRiver H300 Series?


Rockbox Coming to the iRiver H300 Series?

Rockbox is an open source operating system for music players that started in 2002 and was initially developed for the Archos DAP. Since then a port for the iRiver H100 series (110,120,140) has been developed and received alot of attention. More recently the port for the H300 series has begin to appear in the current build list on the Rockbox website and while the developers of RB have not announced a completion date you can follow the builds and feature completion lists on there website.One of the most exciting features of the Rockbox H300 port is it's ability to add support for additional audio formats. This is attributed to the way the Iriver handles the decoding which is all done in the software. The H300 port will bring support for FLAC, WavPack, AAC, Shorten, Apple Lossless, WAV, Musepack and AC3. For more information on the additional features of the H300 port you can visit the Rockbox website.
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