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MediaMonkey: Media Jukebox and Organizer

Ventis Media is the purveyor of MediaMonkey, a full featured media jukebox and music organizer. MediaMonkey is able to tag,organize, encode, decode, play and synchronize your audio files and works with a wide variety of lossless formats.
The tagging capabilities include the standard ID3 editor (ID3v1 & ID3v2) as well as an APE2 editor, WMA editor, WAV editor and OGG editor for both OGG and FLAC tagging. There is also a built-in Auto-Tagger which pulls info from Amazon. I found that tagging was much easier and alot faster than the application I was using previously, Tag&Rename. It also worked alot fast across my network as all of my audio files are on a media server. And if you have a large collection that is spread out over multiple folders, the Auto-Organize feature can help you organize files by allowing you to choose your own filing system such as \Artist-\Track. This is accomplished by entering a destination mask (*See image below) which makes it much easier for 1st time taggers.
MM 2.4 also has encoding support with a OGG Encoder, LAME encoder, WMA Encoder and in the upcoming version 2.5 a FLAC Encoder has been added as well. Due to the fact that many Winamp plugins are supported the possibilities are endless (*see image below). So if the format you want to transfer to doesn't have a built-in encoder then you can download the plugin. The website has a list of input/output, DSP, and visualization plugins that can be downloaded from the Winamp website.

Another interesting feature is MediaMonkey's ability to synchronize with portable devices. Supported devices include the Ipod, most USB MASS Storage devices and the iRiver 1xx and 3XX HDD Players. A really cool synchronization feature of the upcoming version of MM 2.5 is the ability to encode to the format of your choice as you are synchronizing (*See image below). Currently all of my files are in FLAC so when synchronizing my girlfriends iRiver H320 MM will automatically encode my FLAC files to OGG while transferring them to the H320. The rest of synchronization features are what you would expect, you can specify to synchronize everything or on sync specific Artists, Albums or Playlists.

Another interesting item is the Wishlist Forum where users can post items that they want supported in MM. Along with the wishlist forum is The Official Wishlist thread where the developers list the order of importance for different features as they are developed! Too bad all developers don't do this.
MM offers a Gold version for $19.95. The Gold Version gives you the following additional features:
  • File Monitor (automatically updates library)
  • Advanced Searches and AutoPlaylists
  • Advanced Portable Device Synchronization
  • Unlimited MP3 encoding
  • Virtual CD
  • Filters
  • Previews
  • Sleep Timer

Future Versions

2.5 (beta)
2.5 Lossless Updates
-New framework that allows anyone to develop an encoding plugin.
-A FLAC encoding plugin using the new framework

-Ape Encoder (potential)

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