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OptimFROG Turns 4!

On Dec. 16th 2001 OptimFROG 4.0b was released into the world providing at the time, the best lossless compression available.
The upcoming release of OptimFROG due out in the next few weeks will have the following features:
  • significantly improved compression [done, integrating into mainstream OFR]
  • creation of self extracting archives, 30kB only SFX code for Windows [90%]
  • ID3v2 tags support [90%]
  • utility for gapless joining of multiple OptimFROG files [50%]

Future Features:
  • multichannel support
  • cue sheet support
  • Darwin/MacOS and PocketPC port (*OptimFROG was successfully ported to HP 4150 PPC)Adobe Audition plug-in
  • integrated GUI interface and automated installer with plug-ins
  • recovery of data from severely broken files


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