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X plosion Soundcard: Hardware DTS Encoding

*In the interest of achieving the best sound possible from your audio files we will occasionally have posts regarding hardware and software that are top of the line and come highly recommended.

From the makers of the X mistique 7.1 sound card comes the X plosion 7.1 DTS. This new card is based on the C-media CMI8770 chipset which is an upgrade from the C-media CMI8768. It is also the first soundcard to bear the DTS Connect logo which signifies it can do encode DTS in realtime. It can also handle Full Bit Rate DVD's at 1.5 Mbps. They also have another new card that is DTS only, the Xraider 7.1 DTS. Both have been advertised to be available in January but I found it for $121.99 on backorder at ZipZoomFly.
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