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Monkeys Audio 4.01 Beta 1 Beta!

There is finally some activity in the development of Monkey's Audio. A new beta has been released and the only portion that is still in beta is the user interface. The compression and decompression is fully stable.

  • New user interface
  • New interface supports external codecs using simple XML configuration scripts
  • Changed: MACDll.dll is unified to include SDK, Winamp & CoolEdit support in one component
  • Fixed: Corrupt / invalid APEv2 tags could cause problems in some cases
  • Fixed: APL creation could use track boundaries that were off by 1/44100th of a second in some cases
  • Fixed: APL creation would not properly report errors when the CUE file didn't point to an existing APE file
  • Fixed: In very rare cases, decoding an old APE file could cause an invalid decompression error
  • Fixed: When converting from APE -> APE, the APEv2 tag could get appended as WAV data to the new file


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