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The Lossless Audio Blog (The L.A.B): 1st Linux Desktop with Built-in Online Music Service


1st Linux Desktop with Built-in Online Music Service

Mandriva who is the developer of the Mandriva Linux OS and the online music distribution service Mindawn announced a partnership that will provide the first Linux desktop with a built-in online music service. Mindawn has provided support for Linux for the last year as well as MAC OS X and Windows. Artists are also welcome at Mindawn so if you use Ardour, Rosegarden or another Linux recording application Mindawn provides a avenue to distribute your tunes. As far as audio content is concerned Ogg Vorbis and FLAC are welcome sight and the pricing is structured accordingly.

Mindawn Pricing Structure
  • $0.99 per 10 minutes of lossy compression (Ogg) (each 10 minutes in length is another $0.99)
  • $1.24 per 10 minutes of lossless compression (FLAC )
  • $6.99 per album for lossy compression (Ogg)
  • $8.99 per album for lossless compression (FLAC)
This will be an interesting OS to watch.


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