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Rockbox for the Ipod and Nano

The Rockbox firmware (RB) for the Ipod is now working and while it is still in development many have reported successfully flashing there Ipod with the new firmware. Like other RB projects the Ipod project is still in development and new builds are a daily occurrence. And in case you didn't know the developers of RB actually listened to there supporters and there is a up to date list of feature requests. The amount of features is too long to even begin to list and discuss here but there are two that standout. The Ipod RB adds support for a wide variety of formats including MP3, Ogg, Wavpack, FLAC, ALAC, AAC and MPC. It also gets rid of the dependency on iTunes for transferring files to the device. These two features alone are and incredible leap for Ipod users. *But remember as with most firmware there is no guarantee so flashing your Ipod is done at your own risk!

Currently the Rockbox firmware has audio support for the Ipod Color/Photo and the Nano but the plan is to eventually support all Ipod models.

Rockbox Ipod Firmware

-On the go playlist creation.
-No software dependencies (iTunes)
-MP3, Ogg, Wavpack, FLAC, ALAC, AAC, MPC support
-Customizable fonts, while playing screen, and background images.
-Gapless playback in formats that support it (including LAME encoded and tagged MP3s)

Ipod Rockbox FAQ
Ipod Installation Guide


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