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The Lossless Audio Blog (The L.A.B): OptimFROG 4.520b has been released


OptimFROG 4.520b has been released

A new version of OptimFROG has been released as well as a new SDK (1.210b). Future development

What is new in this version 4.520b:
  • successfully ported to Linux/amd64 as well as Darwin/ppc (PowerPC G3)
  • many internal source code improvements
  • all the newly created compressed files are completely backwards compatible (can be decoded with previous 4.50x versions)
  • added ID3v2 tag support
  • slightly faster encoding and decoding with exactly the same compression
  • compression improved very slightly when using --optimize best option
  • improved compression (0.1-0.3%) when using --maximumcompression
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