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The Lossless Audio Blog (The L.A.B): MESSE06: New DJ Hardware from Numark


MESSE06: New DJ Hardware from Numark

The supplier and innovator of hardware for DJs has been busy this year with the release of a number of hard drive based turntables including the HDX and the CDX. Numark has recently released the MESSE06, a professional mix station with a focus on mobility. The MESSE06 features an 80GB hard drive with USB 2.0 connectivity to both MAC and PC. The built-in CD drive allows you to rip directly to the hard drive in MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG and FLAC and a 3-channel mixer. With the pace that Numark has kept in coming up with new and innovative offerings they will be an interesting company to watch in coming months.

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