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New XiphQT Quicktime Components

Development of the XIPHQT Quicktime Components continues with the addition of version 0.1.5. With this version comes a FLAC decoder and Intel MAC support along with various fixes and improvements.

New features
  • Universal Binary - XiphQT now works on both PPC and Intel Macs;
  • FLAC - FLAC decoder and importer for Ogg FLAC (no support for native FLAC file format yet)
  • Theora - Theora decoder and importer; this is the youngest component - some glitches are expected.

Fixes & improvements
  • meta-data - XiphQT is now able to import user tags for all supported Xiph formats;
  • small audio decoding performance improvements: audio samples are now decoded in larger chunks - decreased polling frequency and associated overhead, release binaries are bow built with compiler optimisation flags switched on;
  • increased offsets accuracy for chained Vorbis and Speex streams;
  • fixed a bug in Speex decoder that prevented many valid Speex files from being properly decoded.
  • fixed a bug causing audible clicks near beginning of Vorbis and Speex files.

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