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The Lossless Audio Blog (The L.A.B): Slim Devices and Infrant Technologies Team Up


Slim Devices and Infrant Technologies Team Up

The makers of the popular Squeezebox, Slim Devices has teamed up with Infrant Technologies who make a line of NAS devices to create an interesting bundle. The bundle consists of a Ready NAS NV that comes pre-loaded with Slim Devices SlimServer software and 2 Squeezbox 3's for a total of $1499.00. The NV model has 1.0TB (4x250GB Seagate NL35 Disks), X-RAID, 256MB memory and Gigabit Ethernet. The hard drives that come with this model are the Seagate NL35's which known for there reliability, 5 year warranty and designed for running 24/7. When two solid products like this pair up it is sure to be interesting.


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