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The Lossless Audio Blog (The L.A.B): New Experimental Version of OptimFROG (4.6000ex)


New Experimental Version of OptimFROG (4.6000ex)

The developer of optimFROG has released version 4.6000ex, an experimental version with a variety of improvements.

optimFROG 4.6000ex
New Features
  • the highnew, extranew, bestnew modes and --maximumcompression get slightly better compression (on average 0.1%)
  • added --experimental option, enabling advanced experimental compression, which is NOT backward compatible with any previous 4.5xx versions
  • use --experimental with any mode for greatly improved compression for some files (on average, 0.60% better compression for Audio CDs)
  • extranew mode speed change when using --experimental: encoding <>
  • experimental can be also used together with --maximumcompression
Additional New Items
  • the foobar2000 input plug-in now supports cue sheets (thanks to Artur for suggestions and testing)
  • official GUI interface using FroG is ready, it will be included in the upcoming OptimFROG installer (thanks to Daniel, the FroG author; available at )
  • parsing WAV files with invalid headers is in the works


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