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New version of XiphQT (Flac in iTunes)

A new version of XiphQT (Xiph QuickTime Components) is available which brings the version up to 0.1.5. XiphQT is a plugin that enables MAC and Windows users to play Xiph formats in Quicktime applications. This translates into interesting scenarios like Flac in iTunes! We love stuff like this!

XiphQT 0.1.5

New features
  • Universal Binary - XiphQT now works on both PPC and Intel Macs;
  • FLAC - FLAC decoder and importer for Ogg FLAC (no support for native FLAC file format yet);
  • Theora - Theora decoder and importer; this is the youngest component - some glitches are expected.

Fixes and improvements
  • meta-data - XiphQT is now able to import user tags for all supported Xiph formats;
  • small audio decoding performance improvements:
  • audio samples are now decoded in larger chunks - decreased polling frequency and associated overhead,
  • -release binaries are bow built with compiler optimisation flags switched on;
  • increased offsets accuracy for chained Vorbis and Speex streams;
  • fixed a bug in Speex decoder that prevented many valid Speex files from being properly decoded;
  • fixed a bug causing audible clicks near beginning of Vorbis and Speex files.

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At 6:25 AM, Anonymous Lars said...

Is there a way to play native FLAC in iTunes? Or should I rip to Ogg FLAC? What are the benefits?
If I rip to Apple lossless, will my music be subjected to DRM, limiting what I can do with it?

At 7:14 AM, Blogger Brennan said...

At this time there is not a way to play FLAC files in iTunes but there are a few possibilites on the horizon. The possibility for iTunes natively supporting FLAC in MAC OS 10.5 is looking better and better. Also stay tuned to XIPH-QT as it is actively developed. The support for FLAC is growing rapidly and in my opinion it is only a matter of time before a solution for iTunes is available. When there is we will try and put together a guide to help users get started.
Also encoding your files to Apple Lossless will not add DRM to the files.


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